supersavvyme Flash multi-surface concentrated cleaner review

Well were do i start,,, I'm a mum of two messy children, one pre teen and one 15 month old... I'm constantly picking up wiping up cleaning up....i use a whole range of products and chemicals to try stay on top of things. i have bathroom cleaner, kitchen cleaner, floor cleaner, polish, wipes, blah blah blah so when supesavvyme circle sent me two full size flash multi purpose bottles i thought i would give them a try.... I'm on my second week of using the multi purpose cleaner and i am totally converted.. i have ditched all the lotions and potions that were under my sink and i can honestly say i use the flash multi purpose on everything and in every room, it is kind to different surfaces, it leaves a lovely odour and can be used in so many ways from my floors to my doors..... i can wipe down after this kiddies have eaten there breakfast and know there is no harm to them if i place any food back down..... i honestly rate this product a 10/10 for its uses, its odour and its price... if anyone would like a 50p off coupon please get in touch and i can mail u one... and on offer in Tesco at the moment with a coupon off me u will be paying about 90p for a bottle,, and trust me a little goes such a longgggggggg way

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