job interview and finding childcare

ekkkk so excited i am off for my job interview this afternoon and its for a job which i am passionate about,,,, fingers crossed i get it, as much as i love my children and love watching Alfie everyday as he learns new things.. i feel he is missing out on interacting with other children and im missing adult conversation hehe...

so I'm in search of child care for Alfie, as my work will be part time 12-4 everyday for six months,,, now I've looked at nursery for Alfie and they can take him for afternoon sessions which is 1-6.. so i have to pay for an extra two hours and take him in at 11 but I'm going to be picking him up at 4,30 as i want him to have tea at home with me saffron and sometimes mark...

fingers crossed i get the job

so nervous


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