Hi subscribers new and old, i have switched over to a new blog as i wasn't doing much with my old one, but now Alfie is sleeping through, Saffron is at high school and I'm settled in the new home I'm finding a little more time.... so this first post is just an update and a chance to catch up with me and my life and to introduce the new blog and youtube channel.... so here goes, I'm Elle, 30 and a mum of 2 gorgeous children,,, a stroppy pre teen and a bouncy boisterous little boy who just turned one,,, I'm a stay at home mum but a fully qualified hairdresser.... i miss the hairdressing and working in a salon but I'm loving watching Alfie grow and being home when saffron walks in to moan about her day hehe... i have a youtube channel called ellebelly where i do reviews, updates, hauls, moans, and some just random rubbish,, I'm no good at editing but I'm working on it, feel free to subscribe to my blog or youtube or come and stalk me on instagram all link will be around here somewhere if i manage to edit this correctly,,, i hope your all well and loving the sun if its out where u are... speak soon dolls.. xx

youtube ellebelly

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