12 months old and the boy decides its time to sleep through

Alfie was breast then bottle fed,, since he was born he has slept one night all the way through and that was when he was poorly sick at 3 months....... he is now 1 and the last two week he has slept from 8pm till 6am... he is so much happier and has stopped waking up crying for milk or a cuddle... although alot of mums would be over the moon with this I'm a little odd as i miss our wakes during the night... i miss me and Alfie time.. he is now taking first steps and shouting mamamamamama which is adorable.... today is Thursday and we was planning a trip into town but the black dog is visiting and i feel so down, so its a day in for us... so ill be mostly playing cars or wiping snot... and hopefully making a little me time when Alfie naps to sit down with my Filofax to catch up on the week and plan the Easter holidays...... TTFN XX

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